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Blythswood Update 2 June 17

Blythswood Update 2 – June

 Talitha Kum 2

With the benefit of one-to-one tuition at TK2, Jeno can read, write and do basic arithmetic. He knows his times tables and likes to play chess. His Blythswood tutors are confident that he is more than capable of fulfilling his childhood ambition of becoming a tractor driver. 

“Without the support of TK2, Jeno’s reading and writing would be non-existent,” says Carmen Popa who has watched his development in recent years. “He would probably have resorted to stealing like he used to, to feed his younger siblings when they were hungry. 

“You don’t need a driving licence to be a tractor driver, but with learning support Jeno is fully capable of passing the test. We are already speaking to farmers to find one who might be interested in taking him on.”