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Blythswood Update – April 14th 2021

Daniel Centre

André and Gaby are working well, Cipri is now feeling better and ready for a job in a bottle- and jar-making factory.  Silveu is currently subject of a police investigation.  New residents Damian and Ioan are showing more attitude problems and are not so keen on working.

Alix and Julian have been working hard to empty the depot and demolition work has now begun.  The other Alix who had been night-watchman and was taken onto the care staff is struggling with the new burden.

The Hungarian government’s Volunteer League have received 27 applications for the Blythswood-sponsored school in Kenya and there are many extremely good candidates who will have to be whittled down to the final 8 or 10.

4 of Blythswood’s young people are due to take up rent-free accommodation at the end of May and there are already two new lads interested in moving in to the vacated places in the Daniel Centre.

Talita Kum

The Blythswood board remain committed to the TK1 and TK2  and are seriously studying the conversion of the free space there for the TK3 and TK4 project since they already own the building.