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Blythswood Update, April 18th 2018

Talita Kum

Talita Kum is Blythswood’s after-school programme in western Romania, first opened in 2001.

“Izaura came from one of the poorest Roma families in Jimbolia, facing every disadvantage in her education. Both parents were illiterate and, seeing little value in education, were late in enrolling their children in school.

Her father was abusive, violent towards his children and his neighbours, and spent some time in jail.

In spite of everything, Izaura did well at school. And this she attributes to the help she received at Talita Kum.

Adrian Popa’s ambition has been to improve the life chances of the poorest children in his home town of Jimbolia.  He observes that the rate of early school leaving fell from 45% in 2009 to just 1.5% in 2017. 

“The TK programme means better people.  The youngsters who go through the programme really add value to their community.”