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Blythswood Update – April 1st 2020

Daniel Centre

Plans move forward in the longer term to refurbish Blythswood’s large depot and sell a property in Cluj to generate funds for the Daniel Centre and Talita Kum on a more sustainable basis.

The Centre has sufficient funds to continue for the time being but will no doubt soon be challenged financially with the ongoing spread of Covid-19.

The fact that some of the young men at the Daniel Centre are being sent home from work because of the health crisis will inevitably mean that the normal pressures of spending most of their days at close quarters will be ramped up.

Talita Kum

The Talita Kum houses, like the Romanian schools, will be marking time during the current health crisis.  It will give opportunity, however, to work on projects that cannot so easily be carried out while the houses are in top gear.

Like the Daniel Centre, Talita Kum will continue to face the challenges of reduced funding with the present pressures on their fortnightly English quizzes and the Blythswood shops.

85 deaths have now been reported in the country with almost 2500 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the wake of large numbers of Romanians returning from Italy and Spain because of the lockdowns in those countries.