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Blythswood Update – April 1st 2021

Daniel Centre

André and Gaby are working well, Cipri is now on medication and has been offered a job in a bottle- and jar-making factory.  Silveu’s time at the Centre has been terminated and he is possibly facing charges for theft.  New residents Damian and Ioan are settling well and looking for work.

Damian, Ioan and Alix have all been helping empty the depot to prepare it for demolition to begin next week.

The Hungarian government’s Volunteer League have interviewed 35-40 potential volunteers for the Blythswood-sponsored school in Kenya and will select between 10 and 15 of them on April 10.

4 of Blythswood’s young people, including Alix, have now accepted offers of 2 years of rent-free accommodation, but Balazs suspects some will return to the Daniel Centre as there is no offer of any other kind of care.

 Talita Kum

It is possible afterschool activities, such as TK1 and TK2  will have to close because of the Covid situation but that some of the work originally planned for TK3 and TK4 will now be developed in the current TK2 building, the Blythswood Board having taken the decision to drop the whole TK3 and TK4 project because of the lack of local government support and lack of EU funding.