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Blythswood Update – April 20th 2022

Daniel Centre

Development work is now progressing more quickly at the Depot.

Three of the Centre lads – Alex, Soreen & Ovidio –  are now in prison for past crimes, particularly disappointing for the latter two as they had been getting their act together more recently at the Centre with the counsellor, Luisa.  A fourth lad, André, is still being investigated for his role in the vandalising of a vending machine and could also face prison, but also preparing to work at Carrefour.  Cipri has also found work at H & M, so of the current 6 residents, only Danutz who is physically handicapped is without work.

The Ukrainian refugees at the apartment, 3 ladies (1 a grandmother) and 3 children are currently settled.  The father in Ukraine has now returned to their home town.

Balazs’ deputy Danny and their night worker Sergiu have both been off sick, but Luisa has been a really good addition to the Centre staff.

Talita Kum

No new update from Talita Kum this month.