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Blythswood Update – August 19th 2020

Daniel Centre

István is still somewhat disconnected from reality.  The new Alix now has a gas station job.  Cipri is physically more stable and profiting from psychiatric help.  The brothers Daniel and Gaby have good jobs but unhappy with them – Daniel wants to continue High School studies.  The old Alix is on a 2-month ultimatum to leave the Centre – he may change work as he has back problems from lifting heavy white goods in his delivery job.  He may move out with another of the resident who qualifies for a mortgage.

There are bureaucratic delays in developing the depot which houses the charity shop.  By re-developing the depot, two new rental properties will be made available.

Dani continues to be encouraged by his sessions with psychologist counselling on his work.

Talita Kum

Adi now has an end-of-August deadline for re-submitting his application for EU funding for running costs for TK1 and TK2.  The TK3 and TK4 developments now face cost swell beyond the original estimates.

The 1-week summer camp for 40 children starts on August 20th. 

TK1 and TK2 await government directions on handling school re-openings in the current health situation.

New Covid cases in Romania are now at 1500 daily.