Blythswood, Mission Partners of Castle Street, Missions

Blythswood Update – August 1st 2018

Talita Kum

As pupils from the Inverness academies return home after time in Romania, pray that their vision of serving God in foreign parts will continue to inspire them as they consider their own futures.

 Pray for true spiritual refreshment over the summer for staff at the Talita Kum houses as they prepare to give themselves for another year of dedicated loving to the children from deprived homes during their school days.

 Pray for the children who will return to Talita Kum, for those who will come for the first time and especially for those who may have come to faith in Christ at one of the summer camps.

 Pray for the children who have now finished school and will no longer be at Talita Kum, that the memories of Talita Kum will be an abiding memory and influence in their lives.

 Daniel Centre

Pray God to prepare the hearts and minds of the young men who will join or continue to live in the Daniel Centre this year for a work of His power.  The potential of such men under the influence of God’s Spirit for the future of Romania is beyond our imagining.

 Pray for spiritual refreshment over the summer for staff at the Daniel Centre as they give themselves sacrificially to modelling the life of Christ for the young men that are in the Centre with them.