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Blythswood Update – August 20th 2018

Talita Kum

Back to school shortly, so pray for children who will have their first impressions of Talita Kum this autumn.

Pray for those who will return to Talita Kum, and especially for those who may have come to faith in Christ at one of the summer camps.

Pray for those who have now finished school, that the memories of Talita Kum will be an abiding influence in their lives.

 Daniel Centre

Gheorghe was abandoned when he was born and went straight into state care. After leaving state care when he became an adult, he came to The Daniel Centre.

For the first time in his life people were interested in him and wanted to help him. After training is now a chef in a 5-star restaurant overseeing a team of 6 other chefs.

The Daniel Centre helped him contact his mother, who is from the Gypsy community and his 10 siblings whom he had never met.  Amazingly he was able to deliver shoeboxes to them during a Shoe Box Appeal.