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Blythswood Update Dec 22nd 2017

Blythswood – December Update 2

Talita Kum

The Mission Team discussed the possibility of transferring our support to other areas of Blythswood.  We felt, however, that the Castle Street church family had slowly come to learn more about the Talita Kum and Daniel Centre projects over the past year and that it would be good to extend that growing acquaintance with these two projects for at least another year.

Remember the school children as they spend the Christmas holidays away from the daily influence of the Christians who run the Talita Kum project.


Daniel Centre

As mentioned above in relation to Talita Kum, our congregation will continue to give monthly support to the Daniel Centre for the coming year.

Some of the young people in the Daniel Centre will be having their first experience of Christmas in a genuine Christian environment. 

Pray that the wonder of the first Christmas 2000 years ago will also be the wonder of these young men as they spend Christmas together with their fellow residents and committed Christian leaders.