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Blythswood Update – December 18th 2019

Daniel Centre

Balazs, the Director of the Daniel Centre, is also Blythswood’s Head of Operations for their work in Romania.

Although a young resident has been causing disruption with his strong LGB agenda, this has caused some of the other residents to more positively rally round Titi the cook who has often been on the receiving end of the young man’s disruptive behaviour.

The other young resident who was showing signs of serious depression has quit his job in McDonalds and hopes to start work in a local sympathetic filling station where other Daniel Centre residents work.

Pakistan accepted only one of the two containers of shoe boxes assigned to it this year, so Balazs has been the surprise recipient of 3000 unexpected extra boxes.

Talita Kum

James Campbell, the Blythswood CEO, was over in Romania this past month, shooting next year’s video for the 2020 shoebox appeal.

Adi, the director of the Talita Kum project, is still mired in all the bureaucracy required to access the EU funding for the building of Talita Kum 3 and 4 and for the running costs of all four Talita Kum houses.