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Blythswood Update – December 21st 2022

Daniel Centre

Balazs will have the Chief Executive Officers of Christian Aid and the UK Disaster Emergency Committee going with him to visit the relief efforts in Odessa in the Eastern Ukraine at the end of January – Balazs’ first visit to that part of the Ukraine.

Julien and Cipri have delayed their departure to share an apartment until January 2nd.  Damian’s attitude has now improved and he is working 12 hours a day on his delivery scooter. 

The present group of Daniel Centre residents are much more positive about celebrating Christmas than many of the former residents and are looking forward to a Christmas dinner in the Centre as well as one in the home of Balazs and Agnes.  Danny will come to the Centre exceptionally on Christmas Day to take the lads to church.

Talita Kum

Adi still hopes to move all the TK1 students to TK2 from January to save on heating costs.  They are still seriously considering purchasing a sizeable portion of the empty ground behind TK2 that would serve as a sports field for the children.