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Blythswood Update – December 3rd 2020

Daniel Centre

The number of Covid-19 is levelling off in Cluj and a total lockdown may be averted, but 66 out of 68 residents at their church’s FEBE old folk’s nursing home have been affected by the virus and two have died.  Most of the staff are self-isolating but asymptomatic.

Cipri is still struggling with health issues and will have a week’s assessment in hospital.  André has now been working at a filling station for the last two weeks.  Gaby still has no job.

Soreen is making noises about wanting to return to the Centre from Italy but would have to go through the interview process again.  Daniel is getting weary at holding study and work together and may have to quit his work.  Marian has had his mortgage approved by the bank and has the keys to his new flat.  Alix is encouraged to do likewise.

The re-development of Blythswood’s depot has had final approval for go-ahead from the local mayor, but the architect himself has now contracted Covid-19.

 Talita Kum

There is no new news from Adi this month but they are still in a bureaucratic impasse in re-licensing TK1 and TK2 which could undermine their application for EU funds for running costs for TKs 1-4 submitted last August.