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Blythswood Update – December 9th 2019

Daniel Centre

Balazs, the Director of the Daniel Centre, had a good and satisfactory meeting with Blythswood in Deephaven 2 weeks ago.

He asks prayer for a young resident who is currently causing disruption with his strong LGB agenda and yet the abuses in Romanian society that lead to so many young men ending up in heart-breaking lifestyles.

The other resident who shares a unit with this first young man is showing signs of serious depression.

The shoeboxes have arrived, but significantly fewer were requested this year by the NGOs who distribute them for Blythswood – an indication that Romania is making real progress in escaping from previous widespread poverty.

Talita Kum

The Romanian bank has asked Blythswood to redo the grant proposal for EU building cost funding for Talita Kum 3 and 4 – possible but time-consuming and annoying.

More concerning is that the Romanian government department tasked with releasing EU funding for the running costs of TK3 and TK4 over the next three years has turned down the grant proposal and Blythswood may have to source alternative funds for that purpose.