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Blythswood Update – February 18th 2020

Daniel Centre

Balazs is hoping to have Blythswood funding to refurbish a large depot they have owned for 20 years.  When this work is complete, they will be able to rent out sections of the refurbished depot to businesses.  This will give them sustainable income for their various Romanian projects.

Gaby is still not back but his younger brother, a regular church attender, should be joining the Daniel Centre towards the end of March.  Alix needs to earn and save enough to be able to get a mortgage for himself before moving out.  His attitude is problematical for the other young men.  Florin has quit his job at Carrefour but Istvan and Ciprian seem to be hanging in there.

Talita Kum

EU funding has now been released for TK3 and TK4 with a second tranche to come. 

A flu epidemic has been raging in Romania and many of the pupils who attend TK1 and TK2 have not been well enough to come.  They are still critically short of teachers.

Fortnightly English quizzes that Talita Kum runs for the public have been doing well and bring in around £500 per time.