Blythswood, Mission Partners of Castle Street, Missions

Blythswood Update – February 2nd 2022

Daniel Centre

Balazs was delighted that the Hungarian government have granted €65,000 for the school in Kenya plus €6,600 for university grants (to be managed by an NGO in Nigeria to make sure it goes to needy Kenyans) and that, together with a pledge from a Romanian businessman, will be sufficient to build 4 more classrooms and 6 teachers’ houses.  Louisa will represent Blythswood at a Hungary in Africa Fair in March.

There has been no further development at the Depot.

 Julian has contracted Covid and the other lads lose their salaries as the Council is very slow in issuing certificates that would allow them to isolate at home instead of going to work.  Danny, the counsellor, also has flu symptoms at present.

There has been trauma where one of the lads accused another of sexually abusing him but the police have been very understanding about it.

Balazs’ visit to Scotland has now been delayed till late May but we hope to have him speak to us in Castle Street by Zoom in early March.  Agnes is scheduled for a back consultation on 7th February.

Talita Kum

Life in TK1 and TK2 goes on normally.  Adi is waiting for the Italian owners of the spare ground behind TK2 to visit Jimboliya to see if they can buy some of the land for a play area for the children and perhaps a football pitch.