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Blythswood Update – January 12th 2022

Daniel Centre

Still waiting on news of any Hungarian government grant for the school in Kenya.  Louisa, in her 20s, already having a very positive impact on the residents of the Daniel Centre and forming a very good team with Danny – good interaction with Alix and Daniel in particular.

Development at the Depot goes on, 3 of the 5 buildings there are already spoken for, one is possibly spoken for by a neighbouring business and the 5th is the slow remodelling.  The local church has decided against taking the premises behind the Daniel Centre, about 2.5 km. from the depot site.

Cipri waits the results of a very exhaustive testing.  The lads find it hard to believe they are not being ripped off when the Centre asks them to contribute more from their earnings to the Centre because of escalating energy costs.

Romeo, very stable at work, would like to move out but doesn’t earn enough yet.  Daniel is in the same situation, has given up school for the time being and hopes to resume next year.  Soreen is coming back to the Centre once again.  Alix, the recent arrival, has a drug problem and will have to leave because of this.  The other Alix who had moved out to rent and Istvan are both doing well.

Talita Kum

Adi’s second-hand clothing shop is having to move to make way for various clubs but the Council has increased their support for Talita Kum to almost compensate for the loss.  Adi still hopes to have some of the spare ground behind TK2 for a play area for the children and perhaps a football pitch.