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Blythswood Update – January 22nd 2020

Daniel Centre

 Balazs was not at the Daniel Centre in this week, but down at Talita Kum in Jimbolia.  Two Blythswood partners had come over from Serbia to see what they could learn from Adrian Poppa’s work at Talita Kum, and Balazs was there as part of the discussions. 

 There was nothing new to report from the Daniel Centre this month, but I was able to have some time with the four gentlemen in Jimbolia.

 Talita Kum

The Blythswood partners from Serbia currently deal with a dozen primary school children on a daily basis and were encouraged to see the set-up at Talita Kum.

 Talita Kum 1 has 48 children each day and Talita Kum 2 has 33.  They are still short of teachers and could use 4 new ones immediately as a lot of the homework assistance is on a one-to-one basis with Special Needs children.

 There have been past funding issues with the local government, and though these are being gradually addressed, the delay in new funding being released is having a negative impact on finding new teachers. 

Adrian is confident that lessons have been learned and that EU funding for TK3 and TK4 will be on a more secure basis.  They hope to be working  with 15 students in Talita Kum 3 and 10 students in Talita Kum 4 by December 2021.