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Blythswood Update – January 30th 2019

Talita Kum & Daniel Centre

We are now in touch with Balazs Csiszer (Director of Blythswood Romania) following his January visit to Blythswood Deephaven.

He will be available, starting with our next bulletin, for fortnightly chats on Skype to update us on news and prayer needs for Talita Kum and the Daniel Centre.

The new term is now underway for Talita Kum and the young ones back into their school-day routine.  Pray for the staff of Talita Kum as they model the life of Christ to their young charges while serving them meals, helping them with their homework and providing showering facilities for them.

Romania has produced pastors like Richard Wurmbrand who, back in the 60s, wrote the Christian best-seller “Tortured for Christ” about his many years spent in Communist prisons.  Pray that the young men who pass through the Daniel Centre will have a similar vision to that of Wurmbrand to impact their country as he did.