Blythswood, Mission Partners of Castle Street, Missions

Blythswood Update, July 03rd 2018

Talita Kum

With schools closing for the summer, Talita Kum will also be having a quieter summer.

Some of the children will have been through both primary and secondary school while studying in the area where Talita Kum operates.  Pray for those who move on to fresh pastures.

 For those who will come back after the summer, pray that their summers at home will make them realise anew what Talita Kum has been for them.  Pray that the influence of Talita Kum will reach deeply into their home lives.

If any of the young folks get to summer camps, pray that will be another piece in the jigsaw of faith for their lives.

 Please pray for the teams visiting Romania from Culloden, Inverness Royal and Millburn academies.  Pray for a life-impacting experience at camp for them and the children they work with.

 Daniel Centre

Continue to pray for the work of Daniel Centre and that those who pour their lives into the young men under their care will know God’s continuous refreshment.