Blythswood, Mission Partners of Castle Street, Missions

Blythswood Update, July 18th 2018

Talita Kum

With schools closing for the summer, Talita Kum will also be having a quieter summer.

 Pray for both primary and secondary school children who will be introduced to the Talita Kum houses for the first time this year and that whole new families will be influenced towards Jesus through seeing the love of the Talita Kum workers for their children.

 Continue to pray for the children who will return to Talita Kum after the summer as “old-timers” in the houses, and that the influence of Talita Kum will play an ever-deepening part in their wider family lives.

 Pray for young folks who may have come to faith in Christ at one of the summer camps and will return to Talita Kum with new insights into what the houses are all about.


Daniel Centre

Pray for any young men who may be joining the Daniel Centre after the summer that they will quickly feel themselves at home with the other young men and staff who are already in place.

We continue to believe with Blythswood that some or any of these young men may become leaders in their home country and influence future generations for Christ and His gospel.