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Blythswood Update – July 20th 2022

Daniel Centre

Robi is not keen to stay long with the supermarket.  Soreen, the most positive of the prison 3, asked to be relocated to another prison to be away from Alex’s negativity.  He is in touch with the Daniel Centre and would like to come back there on his release. 

An older Ukrainian lady and another younger lady and daughter have moved into the Daniel Centre apartment but the older is making life difficult for the younger one.

The first phase of Christian Aid money to three mainly Baptist NGOs in the Carpathia, Odessa and Ternopil areas of the Ukraine is set to finish at the end of August.  The second phase then begins and £1 million of Christian Aid money will be channelled through Balazs for Blythswood over the following 12 months.  The process is becoming less hectic but there is still a lot of pressure on Balazs.  They are adding a new freelance consultant in London with a lot of experience in these areas.

Talita Kum

Adi is preparing for the children’s summer camps but has had a visit from someone responsible for the use of EU funds in Romania who has told him that no funding will be available for TK3 and TK4.  So this project has been terminated by the mutual agreement of Blythswood and the EU funders so that the relationship remains good for possible future funding.