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Blythswood Update – July 7th 2020

Daniel Centre

The 5-year licensing is in progress but is usually quite a bureaucratic process.

The residents have been generally in better form over the past few weeks.  Dani meets them more on an individual basis because of the Covid restrictions.

Negotiating goes on with the local council as the Daniel Centre refurbishes one property for renting and they await a better offer on a second property – the airfield property – they want to sell.

These ventures would release more funding for the Centre as the Cluj charity shop becomes less viable.

Talita Kum

Food deliveries continue for the families of the TK children and for older people in the community.

Adi has arranged picnics for children who would normally be attending Talita Kum at this time of year.

Summer camps and the annual International Arts Camp will take place as planned with funding now in place.

Infections continue to rise, now up to 400 a day.