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Blythswood Update, June 06th 2018

Talita Kum

Over 1000 Romanian children have been provided with a place to learn, with nutritious food and with showering facilities at Talita Kum since it opened in 2001.

Like many of the children, Ramona was a shy girl, living with her grandmother on a low income and had no-one at home to help and encourage her in her studies. 

At Talita Kum, she discovered a gift for writing.  She produced the script for our musical show Esther and went on to take the lead role!  

She was able to finish secondary school, successfully passing her exams.  Since the clothes industry is big business in Romania, her training in leather and textiles will help her find work locally. 

Daniel Centre

Blythswood have five shops in Romania which help to generate income for the Talita Kum and Daniel House projects.  Castle Street also contributes each month to these projects from our Mission Fund. 

Teams from Culloden, Inverness Royal and Millburn Academies head to Romania this month to help run camps for young people there. 

Pray that the Scottish students will be inspired towards a lifelong commitment to serving others for Jesus’ sake through their summer experience.