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Blythswood Update – June 13th 2019

Talita Kum

Adrian Poppa, the Director of Talita Kum, has been doing a summer camp for HIV-affected young adults for several years now.   About 35 attend his Bible-based camps.

He also runs summer camps for the children who have attended Talita Kum 1 and 2 during the school year.

The Talita Kum children’s Bible-based play at the city fair on June 1st was a huge success with 500 in the audience, including half of the school children of Jimbolia.

Only 1/3 of the available EU funds for this area of Romania have so far been applied for, which raises the chances of Adrian’s own application being successful.

Approval of the application would allow them to pay their teachers a fairer wage.


Daniel Centre

Balazs was very encouraged by how his report to the Blythswood Trustees was received and affirmed in Evanton last month.    

The Centre has now located the Christianity Today course in the Romanian language and will start doing this at lunchtime on Sundays in September.

The Centre’s fire and safety licence is due for renewal in September 2020.  Corruption, which was declared a national emergency in Romania when it first joined the EU, can delay the granting or renewal of such licences, but Balazs has not been asked for a bribe since beginning with Blythswood in 2002.

The young man (Istvan) has not adapted well to life in the Centre and will now go to live with his aunt instead.