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Blythswood Update – June 2nd 2021

Daniel Centre

Cipri’s health is not good, compounded by high blood pressure, but also by a good measure of drama.   Ioan has lost his job, comes home drunk and aggressive and is likely to have his probation ended next month.

The demolition work on the depot has now been completed and all the rubble has been removed.  The building of the new storage centre and the parking lot can be started.

The Blythswood property at the airport has been sold and they are waiting for the third and final tranche of the payment.

The 13 successful candidates for the Kenya project have an online training session this coming weekend and an in-person training in Hungary the following weekend.  They now are challenged to raise €500 each in addition to the Hungarian government’s funding of their travel and living expenses in Kenya.

Talita Kum

Though EU funding was not approved for a separate TK3 and TK4 building, it is hoped there will be funding for the running of these projects within the existing TK2 building.  The issue now is whether a kindergarten in that same building can access sufficient funds to run for the first three years before it becomes eligible for local government funding.