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Blythswood Update – June 3rd 2020

Daniel Centre

The lockdown restrictions have eased in Romania over the past days. Please remember the young men of the Daniel Centre in your prayers. Some have lost their jobs due to the crisis.  Some will be returning to work in the days ahead and one young man has a job interview.

Alex, himself abandoned as a child because of a crippled leg, is taking over from Titi who was cook for the Centre.

The Blythswood shop in Cluj has been declining and faces growing competition from shops selling new cheap clothing sourced from Poland and Turkey.

With financial support from the shop declining and even terminal, Blythswood are now selling land they have had for many years and redeveloping other facilities to provide ongoing financial support through rentals.

Talita Kum

Talita Kum in Jimbolia is supported by three shops which continue to receive a good supply of goods from Austria.

Because of heavy rain on June 1st, Talita Kum moved their International Children’s Day celebration to June 2nd with their outdoor barbecues and other events.