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Blythswood Update – March 13th 2019

Talita Kum

Four of Blythswood’s Scottish leaders will be over in Romania on Wednesday, 13th March, for important discussions on the way ahead for Talita Kum as well as for other Blythswood projects in that country.

Remember specifically the hope of opening Talita Kum 3 and Talita Kum 4 to cover pupils in their final four years of secondary school, and their application for grants from the EEU to part-fund such a project.

Daniel Centre

There is particular concern at the moment for one young man who is epileptic but who has been able to find part-time work in a Romanian supermarket chain.    

He had a severe seizure while in bed last Saturday which was accompanied by severe pain in his arm.  A visit to the hospital revealed that he had somehow broken it.  He has consequently been feeling very suicidal because it will affect his ability to turn up for work.

Although previously unresponsive, and even antagonistic to the Gospel, he had finally come to a fellowship group on the Friday evening before his seizure.  Pray that his hopes for some divine intervention in his life will rest on a calm faith.