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Blythswood Update – March 17th 2021

Daniel Centre

André and Gaby have currently found work but Cipri is in hospital for assessment.  Silveu is no longer bringing friends to the Centre but did not come home one night.

There have now been offers for developing the depot and an offer by one tenant to take over those made redundant when Blythswood closed their charity shop.

The Hungarian government’s Volunteer League have not come on board to find volunteers for the school which Blythswood sponsor in Kenya.

More negatively, a social agency which offers 2 years of rent-free accommodation to young people, and receiving considerable EU funding for this, has been irresponsibly trying to lure young residents away from the Daniel Centre with no offer of any other kind of care.

Talita Kum

The local government had voted 6-0 with 6 abstentions against retaining tax exempt status for Talita Kum, which has been demoralising for Adi. 

The rejection of his proposal for EU funds for the running costs for TKs 1-4 probably means that the whole TK3 and TK4 project will have to be dropped.