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Blythswood Update – March 16th 2022

Daniel Centre

Hungary’s Africa Fair has been interesting but not greatly productive for Blythswood’s Kenyan NGO.

Development work still drag on slowly at the Depot.

The lads at the Centre should prepare their own food once they have found work, some three of them have not been looking for work and still expecting the Centre to provide food for them.  They have not been taking this well.

8 adult Ukrainian refugees and 5 children have now taken up the offer of the apartment behind the Centre and have even offered to help out at the Centre but Balazs and their night supervisor Sergiu had asked the three Centre boys who are not working to help get the apartment ready for the refuges and the lads were very rude and unwelcoming to the Ukrainians who fortunately could not understand the insults being made in the Romanian language.

Three new candidates for the Centre have now been interviewed, but all of them from the same Gherla orphanage where the three recalcitrants also came from – where they spent most of their time on the TV and computer games.  Much prayer is now needed in those areas.

 Talita Kum

The December deadline has now passed for getting an EU grant in time to build TK3 and TK4 and so the project will have to be abandoned.

The taxes levied on Talita Kum last year have been repeated this year.  Adi has now regrouped the Talita Kum 1 children into Talita Kum 2 to save on energy prices which have now doubled with the present crisis.