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Blythswood Update – March 18th 2020

Daniel Centre

Balazs’s meeting with a retired Christian investment banker for funding to refurbish their large depot went well with a possible commitment to provide about 20% of the required amount.  They also hope to sell a property in Cluj.

The plans are however overshadowed at present by the lockdown occasioned by the corona virus and the effect it is having on all business transactions.

Meanwhile some of the young men at the Daniel Centre are being sent home from work because of the health crisis and may be off work for a considerable period of time.  Florin has not been improving in attitude or performance and has been given two weeks to find alternative accommodation.

The Centre has sufficient funds to continue its work for 2 to 6 months according to the unfolding circumstances.

Talita Kum

All schools in Romania, and with them TK1 and TK2, have been closed although the milder version of the coronavirus is the more prevalent there.  No deaths have been reported in the country but a large number of Romanians returning from Italy and Spain because of the lockdowns in those countries could radically change that.

The fortnightly English quizzes and Blythswood shops which brought in considerable funding for Talita Kum have also been affected though they are looking into the possibility of transferring the quizzes online.