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Blythswood Update – March 2nd 2022

Daniel Centre

Balazs and the Hungarian volunteer were able to accomplish all that they had set out to do in Kenya – the volunteer helping set up chicken and fish farms, and Balazs getting the building projects underway and counselling the 6 recipients of Hungarian scholarships for further education.  They now await planning permission for the school extensions.  Balazs and Louisa leave for Hungary’s Africa Fair today and return on Sunday evening with potential chaos at the border because of the Ukrainian crisis.

3 of the Centre lads have had varying degrees of suicidal thinking, Soreen being the most serious.  Istvan has left the Centre against their advice to spend a week with friends who have young children and has been warned that he will now no longer be allowed back to the Centre.

The Centre are offering the apartment behind it to Ukrainian refugees but most refugees are staying close to the Ukrainian border in hope of a return home or are heading through Romania to the West.  Agnes has herniated discs in her neck and they are considering both Romania and Hungarian options for treatment or surgery.

Talita Kum

The December deadline for getting an EU grant for building TK3 and TK4 is fast approaching and there is a serious likelihood now that the project will have to be abandoned.