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Blythswood Update – March 30th 2022

Daniel Centre

Development work is progressing slowly at the Depot.

One of the lads at the Centre who had joined the Centre in 2021 for only a few days before going to Germany had returned recently to Cluj and asked the Centre to get an ID card for him.  When the Centre manager took him to the government office, Alex was arrested as they left.  He had been a wanted man, on the run for theft.  Now 3 other lads at the Centre are running scared, all having been charged with theft in the past and appealing.  If they lose the appeal, they will go to prison like Alex.

Some of the Ukrainian refugees at the apartment have now moved on to Germany, but have been replaced by 3 ladies, 2 children and a grandmother.  The father of the children is a driver in the Ukraine and would like his family to now return to their home town there, but his wife still sees it as too dangerous.

Romeo, the 1 Centre lad to have moved out to his own apartment under an EU scheme, is doing well.  Istvan has now left his relatives, but they have sent him to Germany to work and he is in a mess there.  Daniel has suspended his studies till September but is working hard on a construction site in the meantime.

Talita Kum

Blythswood are still raising money for the TK3 and TK4 project but would prefer to give up on the EU grant which would have tied them to the current Council building.  That has all kinds of issues with the current Council in Jimboliya, so the present strategy would be to move the TK3 and TK4 project into the TK2 building.