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Blythswood Update – March 4th 2020

Daniel Centre

Balazs is meeting with a retired Christian investment banker to discuss the funding to refurbish a large depot they have owned for 20 years.  Once funding was in place, it would take them about a year to be up and running and ready for potential renters.

Alix is apprehensive about leaving the Daniel Centre and needs a nudge out of the nest.  Florin has lost his job at Carrefour and has no concern for fire prevention measures – he probably needs to be sent away from the Daniel Centre for a week or two as a wake-up call.  Istvan has been moved to the meat department at Carrefour and is doing well.

 Talita Kum

Adrian Poppa is now in position for a meeting with the authorities to discuss documentation and technical plans for TK3 and TK4.  The EU funding line which was refused in December (because salary projections for staff were too low) is possibly being re-opened by the authorities. 

It is possible that the Talita Kum salaries are set too low and therefore hampering the recruitment of qualified teachers.

A Nokia representative who was at one of their recent quiz nights has offered to supply them with second-hand laptops and perhaps extend this offer to the Blythswood work in Serbia as well.