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Blythswood Update – May 15th 2019

Talita Kum


Adrian Poppa, the Director of Talita Kum, spoke to us on Thursday evening, 9th May, sharing his vision for the importance of education for Romanian children, enabling them to think their way through the voices competing for their attention in the public square.


Talita Kum is also dedicated to making sure that children who don’t make it to being part of the intellectual elite are also valued for who they are.


Daniel Centre


Most of the care work takes place during the evenings and at the weekends.  This places more social, and even marital, pressure on the reduced staff.    


Balazs will be interacting with a group of 30 young Irish people visiting Romania and hopes their own vision for mission will be strengthened.


He is still preparing his report for the Blythswood Trustees to demonstrate that the Daniel Centre is value for the money it receives which he presents in Evanton at the end of May.