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Blythswood Update, May 16th 2018

Blythswood – May Update 2  

Talita Kum

With your support, a 12-year-old girl is working hard to make up for years of missed primary education.  When she was six, Andreea’s family moved to Italy and none of their children was ever enrolled in school there.

 By the time they returned to Romania, Andreea was severely disadvantaged.  She didn’t know how to read or write and was left very shy and withdrawn in the company of other children.

Talita Kum, where she receives a cooked meal and has access to hot showers and clean clothes, is now helping Andreea make up for lost time.  Since joining Talita Kum last summer, she has not missed a single day at school.

Daniel Centre

Following the death of his father, Adrian wanted to be able to take care of his mother and brother who has special needs, but poverty forced him to give up education.

With little education, getting or keeping a job is a real challenge but, again thanks to people like you, he is now taking a different path.

He is learning life-skills at the Daniel Centre and has discovered a talent for cooking.  As his confidence has grown, he has found a job at a bakery.  Adrian’s dream – to be a football coach – is now looking more achievable.