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Blythswood Update – May 18th 2022

Daniel Centre

Development work at the Depot has gone well and is almost ready.

Luisa has now contacted Alex, Soreen & Ovidio in prison and is working on getting food parcels to them as prison food is minimal.  Luisa continues to be very effective in getting the lads more co-operative in the Centre which, with a new arrival expected, will be back up to capacity.

The Ukrainian refugees who were in the Daniel Centre apartment have now returned to the Ukraine and a new family has come to replace them.

Balazs, along with Finlay MacKenzie, Blythswood’s Elpis Foundation in Romania and churches in Ukraine, is now building up a team to handle the money channelled through Christian Aid and Blythswood for reconstruction and for internally displaced persons in Ukraine.

Talita Kum

TK1 and TK2 are now working normally again, have added extra-curricular activities and are preparing their children’s fair for the town onsite at TK1 on June 1st this year.  Adi is also preparing a summer camp and an HIV camp and possibly a children’s outing in Austria.