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Blythswood Update – May 30th 2019

Talita Kum

Adrian Poppa, the Director of Talita Kum, has been busy preparing a detailed application for EU funding which is critical to the ongoing development of Talita Kum from its present 2 houses to the projected 4. 

The 4 houses, when completed, will serve children all the way through primary and secondary school and begin to give the young people life skills as well as homework help with their formal education before they leave school.

Talita Kum is also dedicated to making sure that children who don’t make it to being part of the intellectual elite are also valued for who they are.


Daniel Centre

Balazs, the Director of the Daniel Centre, visited Evanton this week to submit and discuss his report for the Blythswood Trustees, hoping to demonstrate that the Daniel Centre is value for the money it receives.   

The Centre has just interviewed three new candidates for admission and two of the applicants look very positive.  The third young man has some attitude problems which could make him more of a disruptive presence, so decisions have to be made.

Another young man (Istvan) who has been in the Centre for 6 months is still jobless and was sent home from his latest job trial after 2 days for being too slow.