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Blythswood Update – May 4th 2022

Daniel Centre

Development work continues at the Depot.

Luisa is still seeking with contact Alex, Soreen & Ovidio in prison and André, with his own case still under investigation, is now proud to be working at Carrefour.  Cipri is having tensions in his work at H & M.

The Ukrainian refugees are still in the Daniel Centre apartment, and 3 more – a severely traumatised grandmother, mother and 13-year-old daughter – are now in an apartment owned by Balazs’s wife Agnes.

Danny and night worker Sergiu are well again.

Balazs has been approached by Christian Aid to use their DEC (Disaster Emergency Committee) aid for the Ukraine.  He has to draw up plans for using this funding in partnership with Ukrainian churches for reconstruction and helping internally displaced people there – an even more complicated project than applying for EU funding.

Talita Kum

Adi has shut one of their supporting shops in Jimboliya, has had no update on their EU funding but continues to run the Talita Kum houses as normal.