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Blythswood Update – May 5th 2021

Daniel Centre

André and Gaby are working well, Cipri is still having his ups-and-downs.  New resident Damian is working now and in good form, having acquired a puppy for himself – a mixed blessing for the other residents.

All of the residents have had their first vaccination, and most of them their second.  Alex the ex-night-watchman is settling to his new administration responsibility.

The demolition work on the depot has been frustrated by the fact that no landfill sites in the area meet EU specifications and the rubble cannot be removed for the time being.

The Hungarian government’s Volunteer League have now selected the 15 final candidates for 2 training sessions for the Kenya project.

Talita Kum

There is no update at the moment on Adi’s situation with the future of Talita Kum.