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Blythswood Update – May 8th 2019

Talita Kum

Talita Kum is having a 2-week break as the schools are closed for the Orthodox Church’s Easter celebration.

There is no further news on finding 3 teachers to meet the ongoing needs of the students.

Adrian Poppa, the Director of Talita Kum, will be with us here in Castle Street on Thursday evening, 9th May, for an update on the school and the funding application that he has to submit for the ongoing operation.

Daniel Centre

With most of the young men now out working during the day, much of the care work is during the evenings and this places more social, and sometimes marital, pressure on the reduced staff.    

Balazs is trying to find the Christianity Explored course in the Romanian language and still hoping to begin this course with the young men in May.

He also has to prepare a report for the Blythswood Trustees to demonstrate the measurable impact of the work of the Daniel Centre – i.e. its value for the money it receives – and asks for our prayers as he has to present this report on May 29/30 in Evanton.