Blythswood, Mission Partners of Castle Street, Missions

Blythswood Update – November 04th 2020

Daniel Centre

Alix would now like to receive anger counselling before he can find a place to rent for himself.  Cipri has developed a fever and was to be tested for Covid-19 on Tuesday morning.  André, who shares a unit with him in the Centre is finding it hard to self-isolate.

Istvan wants to come back to the Centre and Dani will interview him.  Daniel is doing well in combining studies with work.  Marian, who works in a car tyre centre, is working through the loan approval process to buy his own flat on a mortgage.

The architect is suggesting that Blythswood’s depot building should be only partially demolished to avoid damaging neighbouring properties.

Covid-19 cases are now at 5000 a day in Romania compared with 500 a day in May.  Schools are closed, some towns are quarantined and a 10 p.m. curfew is in place.

Talita Kum

3 of Adi’s staff drivers have gone down with Covid-a9 but are now recovering.  This has obliged Adi to drive to Austria himself to pick up textile supplies for the Blythswood shops in Jimboliya.

The original surveyor’s estimate for building TK3 and TK4 was not his mistake but was over-ridden when the structural engineer made a later more detailed estimate. 

They are now waiting for the result of their application for EU funds for running costs for TKs 1-4 submitted last August before deciding how to proceed with the TK3 and TK4 project.