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Blythswood Update – November 20th 2019

Daniel Centre

Balazs, the Director of the Daniel Centre, visited Deephaven this week and Robert was able to meet him in person for the first time.  Balazs has been involved with Blythswood and the Daniel Centre for many years now and does a very faithful and committed work with young Romanians as they transition from school to making their way in the workplace.   Pray for the Christian impact of the Daniel Centre on these young men and their impact in turn on the wider Romanian society.

The young men of the Daniel Centre have just finished a Christianity Explored Course and hope to continue with a follow-up Bible study.

 Talita Kum

 Continue to pray for the current financial situation at Talita Kum.  In order to release EU funding for Talita Kum 3 and 4, the director Adrien Poppa has to come up with a considerable down payment which will then be returned to their project or the equivalent collateral.