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Blythswood Update – November 6th 2019

Daniel Centre

Among all the residents at the Daniel Centre with their complex issues and the major challenges this presents for the staff, there are encouragements.

Julian, though he is a disaster at looking after his room, holds down a job in the local Ikea furniture factory and cooked a beautiful meal for those who recently participated in the Christianity Explored session.

Alix, who is struggling with the prospect of soon having to leave the Daniel Centre, and Aline who has been gone from the Centre now for two years, are both solid workers and are both showing spiritual promise.

An Irish friend with experience in counselling NGOs will be visiting Balazs to help him create a Wheel of Life manual to allow him to better measure the progress the young men make in the areas of happiness, satisfaction and self-esteem during their years in the Daniel Centre.  


Talita Kum

 Adi may have to repay part of a local government grant for TK1 and 2 – the fiscal authorities are claiming that he received too much this past year.  The local government won’t help him sue over this but will increase next year’s grant to compensate for any money given back this year.

EU funding for the TK4 infrastructure has been signed and implemented, but funding for TK3 design and running costs has been evaluated but the contract not yet signed.  Once signed, the money should be available in 60 days.