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Blythswood Update – October 17th 2019

Daniel Centre

Most of the residents at the Daniel Centre have various issues to cope with in their lives, which creates major challenges for the staff.

They are encouraged, however, by the changes that do take place in most of these young men over the years that they spend there.

Florin’s mental issues are more severe than the staff first realised when he joined the Centre this summer.  Gabi, on the other hand, is more educated than most of the other lads and is writing a novel.  He is generally a quieter and more positive influence on the Centre.

The Christianity Explored course continues to have an encouraging attendance with a core group of regular attenders.  

Talita Kum

The major problem facing the Talita Kum projects stems from government inertia which delays the release of EU funds which are necessary for the ongoing running of Talita 1 and Talita 2.

The missing consultant for the Talita Kum 3 and 4 project has now re-appeared as mysteriously as she first disappeared, and they hope to be ready to claim their first tranche of EU funding for this new project by November 20th.