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Blythswood Update – October 20th 2021

Daniel Centre

Work on the depot continues to progress slowly.  The Romanian Covid situation is now the worst in the world.

Balazs leaves for Kenya for a month on October 24th.  Samuel, director of the Kenyan school 8 hours’ drive west of Nairobi, is making progress with physiotherapy.  Balazs will be involved in tree-planting and irrigation while there.  A Catholic businessman in Cluj has now given a €20,000 donation towards building 3 new classrooms and teacher accommodation for the Kenya project.

The Kenya volunteer, Louisa, just resigned from her social services work, has now agreed to be an assistant to Balazs and Dani at the Daniel Centre.  Julian does not have Aids.  A big challenge for the young men is having opportunities to find a stable life partner.

Alex has found a place to rent, Cipri is looking for an office job, and Damian has left the Centre rather than give up his dog which was becoming a major problem there. 

Talita Kum

The students are back at school and into their usual routine at Talita Kum.  Adi has applied for an extension on the answer to their application for EU funding for Talita Kum 3 and Talita Kum 4.  The staffing situation is stable at the moment.

The looming crisis for both the Daniel Centre and Talita Kum is the imminent rise in energy prices which could radically impact the budget of both projects.