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Blythswood Update – September 14th 2022

Daniel Centre

All the Daniel Centre lads are hanging it at work and they will possibly re-open their transit apartment to ease Cipri into independent living and move Julian there with him as Julian has been having his own problems in the Centre.  Damien, who had to leave a year ago because of issues with his dog, is now begging to return.

Louisa has begun to struggle over the lack of progress in the young men, her expectations of her colleagues and the honeymoon period now being over.  She has been considering resigning but  Balazs hopes that time with their team psychologist will help Louisa get through this rough patch.

The older Ukrainian lady in the Centre apartment had to be hospitalised and operated on as she was losing blood.  Her two daughters in the Ukraine and a third daughter and her sister in Romania sadly show no interest in her.

Balazs has been slowed down in wrapping up his report on how the first phase of Christian Aid money was used in the Ukraine because the four partners in the Ukraine have been slow and problematic in the way they have reported to him.

Talita Kum

Adi is still seriously considering having to relocate the TK1 children to the TK2 building because of the anticipated costs when the heating and lighting of the buildings have to be ramped up at the beginning of October.