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Blythswood Update – September 15th 2020

Daniel Centre

When residents are first accepted by the Daniel Centre, they are given a 6 or 9 month contract.  These contracts are then renewed as necessary according to the needs and attitudes of the individual residents

István, Soreen and Alix are now, willingly or unwillingly, coming to the end of their time there and will only have their contracts renewed with difficulty.  André, who came in July, now has a job and is a stable addition to the Centre.

Balazs hopes that they may be able to qualify for some of the €1 billion EU fund to help develop the depot where the Blythswood Charity Shop currently stands to release more sustainable cash in future from rentals.

Talita Kum

Adi has had two good summer camps, one in relation to Talita Kum for primary school children and the other a more secular camp for artists.

TK1 and TK2 return to business in the next couple of weeks but the school situation in Romania is currently quite chaotic with teachers and pupils alike not knowing quite what to expect or what the rules are.

The rate of increase in Covid cases has now flattened.