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Blythswood Update – September 15th 2021

Daniel Centre

The pouring of the storage centre foundations is slow.

Some Kenya project volunteers will leave for time in Kenya at the end of September; Balazs will go for the first week, and then for a month with more volunteers from October 25th.  Samuel Okomo, director of the Kenyan school has been down with a lengthy illness which could threaten the existence of the school, currently with 250 students but with potential for 400.

André is back at the Centre, much more co-operative after a hard time of working long days on a Spanish farm.  Julian, mentally challenged but a conscientious church attender, was baptised last week.  He works for Ikea but could be a long-term resident at the Centre as he is vulnerable to being cheated by others.

School is back in but, with rising Covid, medical masks are now mandated.  Cluj has a population of 400,00.

EU funding for independent living is now promised by October and Alex, Cipri and Damian may well move out then.  With more options open to young school leavers, only difficult cases now apply to join the Daniel Centre.


Talita Kum

The 36 students who come to TK1 and the 44 who come to TK2 re-started school on September 13th and there will be a 20th celebration this weekend for the founding of TK1.  There is good co-operation from the business community in Jimboliya but the new local Council has been creating problems for Adi over the tax situation.