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Blythswood Update – September 1st 2020

Daniel Centre

Most residents come from the Child Protection services in the area around Cluj.  The Centre takes residents who are borderline emotional cases, one of the few institutions taking young people in this category.  The Centre has now had about 120 residents over its 20-year existence.  The big majority of those have left with a positive attitude towards the Centre.  Only a few, however, have been emotionally stable enough to go on to have families of their own.

István has now left the Centre to live with his aunt, but already regretting the move.  Soreen has quit his job and may also have to leave the Centre.  Alix, who has been resident since 2015, has improved in attitude and may be getting a new job as night watchman with a security company.  The new resident André who came in July, seems to be a more open-minded young man.

Progress in developing the depot for renting and in selling the property by the airport is quite slow.

Talita Kum

Adi is coming towards the end of his summer camp with 30 children ranging in age from Primary 1 to Primary 8.